"The Rube Dudes" - Moose & Buddy

We're two Golden Retrievers (Moose & Buddy), along with our Dad, who set out to create elaborate inventions, entertain, and to be good boys. 

Moose joined the team in 2014 at only 16 weeks old! He was adopted from an elderly couple who only had him for 2 weeks and realized they couldn't care for a puppy at their age. 


  • Napping
  • Hugs
  • Salad (weird I know)


  • Running Water
  • Squirrels
  • Being Ignored

Buddy joined the crew in 2016 at 3.5 years old! A friend could no longer keep him and had seen all the happy photos of Moose playing (albeit by himself). All it took was 5 minutes to meet and they were bonded for life! 


  • Tennis Balls
  • Swimming / Water
  • More Tennis Balls


  • Fences
  • Not Having Every Tennis Ball in The World
  • Being Away From Moose

Brainstorming Session with The Rube Dudes

Zach, Moose, and Buddy brainstorm new machine ideas after finishing "The Garage Opener" project