Peddler's Village Outdoor Celebration Rube Goldberg Machine

All of this, just to open a book?!? But of course! That's the Rube Goldberg Way of doing things!

Featuring a giant Newton's Cradle, bowling balls through a fully functional 18ft water wheel, this machine pays tribute to all of the festivals, events, and displays that Peddler's Village plays host to annually, all with the incredibly simple task of opening a book. 

 Such festivals include: Strawberry Festival; Apple Festival; Hanging Flower Basket Display; Scarecrow Display and Competition; Artwork Festival; Grand Illumination; Christmas Celebration; 5K Walk/Run Event; Quilt Competition and Display; January Sales Event; Sidewalk Sale; Celebration of Freedom; and Photo & Memories Competition. 

This machine was displayed in 2012 at Peddler's Village to celebrate their 50th anniversary 

Beyond getting a bowling ball to roll not only in, but also out of a moving waterwheel - the biggest challenge faced was the reliability requirement set by the client. Normal machines have a success rate of 1-10% (I aim much higher at 80-90% with realistic goals of 45-50%)....this machine needed to run: 

-Outdoors for 3 months

-Every 10 minutes for 8 hours, 6 days a week

-Resettable in 5 minutes

-Have a 90% reliability record

Tall order indeed, but it worked and successfully achieved the objectives! And I'll remind you again: all of that...just to open a book!