The Garage Opener Rube Goldberg Machine

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For years, I've been building Rube Goldberg Machines for all sorts of wonderful folks & companies. Now, with my latest machine I finally got the chance to build one for myself (okay...maybe I built it for my pups, but still). Working and filming with my best friends (Moose & Buddy, aka: "The Rube Dudes") is a true privilege, and I hope it shows in the final product

Looking for easy to follow Rube Goldberg machines to demonstrate to your students (or whomever)? This machine video is designed to aid STEM/STEAM classroom Rube Goldberg discussions. 

Beneath the Official Video, The Rube Dudes introduce our "Walkthrough Edition" where we take a closer/slower look at some of the past machines we've built. Perfect to help show all of the interactions (ie: "steps") that occurred in our original video, while labeling everything in the same style as Rube's original cartoons.  

The video is broken into 2 parts:

Part 1: Closeups and slow motion of the machine in action, with narration the same way Rube Goldberg did in his cartoons. 

Part 2: A continuous take of the machine running, with each component (ie: step) appropriately labeled  

Some good exercises for students would be to  

1. Count the number of steps (letters)   2. Identify the 6 Simple Machines via the labeled letter.  ---This machine was specifically built to easily identify ALL 6 types of Simple Machines  

Note for educators: while the video does utilize slow motion in appropriate sections, some interactions naturally just occur fast (ie: string being pulled - a classic and necessary Rube interaction).  --I recommend changing the video speed to 0.75 or even 0.5 to help illustrate every interaction as best as possible. -----TO CHANGE THE SPEED ON COMPUTERS: click on the "gear" icon inside of the video play box (bottom right) and select the appropriate speed there ----- TO CHANGE THE SPEED ON MOBILE DEVICES: click on the "triple vertical dots" inside of the video play box (top right) and select "PLAYBACK SPEED" to set the appropriate speed there  

Official Machine Video

Bloopers Reel

The Rube Dudes overcame many obstacles filming "The Garage Opener" Rube Goldberg Machine, including one stubborn paint can, and an "apparent" lack of cookies on set...

Machine Walkthrough