A Simple Way to Water the Lawn Rube Goldberg Machine

The Rube Dudes are at it again, this time drawing inspiration from Rube Goldberg himself and the famous "RubeWorks-The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game". This episode brings Level 10 ("The New Automatic Lawn Sprinkler") to life. 

Unfortunately, our hyena was defective and sneezed instead of laughing when tickled, so a redesign and some modern additions to the cartoon were added.

Looking for easy to follow Rube Goldberg machines to demonstrate to your students (or whomever)? This machine video is designed to aid STEM/STEAM classroom Rube Goldberg discussions. 

Some good exercises for students would be to  

1. Count the number of steps (letters) 

2. Identify the 6 Simple Machines & types of energy transfers utilized (mechanical, electrical, dog-ical)

Note for educators: while the video does utilize slow motion in appropriate sections, some interactions naturally just occur fast (ie: string being pulled - a classic and necessary Rube interaction).  --I recommend changing the video speed to 0.75 or even 0.5 to help illustrate every interaction as best as possible. -----TO CHANGE THE SPEED ON COMPUTERS: click on the "gear" icon inside of the video play box (bottom right) and select the appropriate speed there ----- TO CHANGE THE SPEED ON MOBILE DEVICES: click on the "triple vertical dots" inside of the video play box (top right) and select "PLAYBACK SPEED" to set the appropriate speed there  

Official Machine Video

Bloopers Edition

Overly playful pups, Autumn weather,  and a leaky sprinkler were just a few obstacles we encountered while filming "A Simple Way to Water the Lawn" Rube Goldberg Machine. Even with all of our experience, The Rube Dudes still have plenty of failures (especially when working with "child actors" aka: Moose & Buddy).

The Leaf Blower Step (Good Idea vs Bad Idea)

Is it wrong to suspend a gasoline powered leaf blower in the air, turn it on, then set it loose? Yes. Yes it is. The Rube Dudes present another Good Idea vs Bad Idea segment where we let the world look into our thought process behind the brainstorming/testing phase.