2016 Wolf Greenfield Holiday Rube Goldberg Machine

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What better way to celebrate the start of your holiday vacation than by tearing down those dreaded cubicle walls, going "Office Space" on the printer, and causing complete mayhem to your office as you let bowling balls fly about!

Directly quoted from Wolf Greenfield:


You may remember last year's Wolf Greenfield holiday card: a video involving a mad scientist in her workshop who has created a Rube Goldberg machine. (A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption that is deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion, usually including a chain reaction. For more information, check out Wikipedia or the official Rube Goldberg website.)

We had so much fun creating it--and hopefully you had just as much fun watching it--that we decided to bring back our Rube Goldberg savant, Zach Umperovitch, to build a machine around the story of a Wolf Greenfield attorney in a rush to leave the office for the holidays. In that rush, she sets off a a machine involving cubicle dominoes, bowling balls bouncing off trampolines, and of course some holiday cheer.

Did you catch all of the details in the background of the video? If you did, show your stuff on our quiz and keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card 

Though we hope you enjoyed the beautiful video shot by Pizzuti Photography and BZGibson Productions at 21C in Merrimack, NH, you can also check out the Inventor's Cut for some behind-the-scenes views of how the machine worked, as well as a bloopers reel too!

Official Machine Video

The Inventor's Cut

Bloopers Reel

Scissors beats Paper, and Paper might beat Rock, but can Paper also beat Metal? For this machine, 7 out of 10 tries it could! For the other 30%, crumbling set pieces, and several human errors, check out the fails/bloopers from "The 2016 Holiday Rube Goldberg Machine!" 

Machine Construction Timelapse